Angry Flappy

Help Angry Flappy navigate the rage inducing tree stumps and make it back to his nest! Angry Flappy is the great new bird flying game for iOS! With Game Center support, easy controls, and cute graphics, this the game is a must have. If you loved the #1 hit bird flyer game, you'll love this one!

Archery Training

Test and train yourself in the ultimate crossbow shooting game!  Swipe in the direction you want to shoot, and try to hit the targets as they fall! Miss three in a row, and it’s game over. Archery Training features Game Center, so you can test yourself against your friends and the rest of the world!  Think you have what it takes to make the high score?

Late for Work

You're late for work! Now you must literally dodge traffic and get to the office in this arcade style exploding car game. Move left and right to dodge other cars, rack up points, and try to get the high score, or you're fired!

​Sneak Mouse

It's mouse vs. cat with a new take on red-light green-light! Your job is to navigate mazes as a plump little mouse and find your cheese before the bad cat catches you. Sneak Mouse is a game that features simple controls, addicting mazes and nice pixel art.

Armadillo Run

Help an extremely unlucky armadillo run, jump, and spin his way to safety! Not only does he have to worry about other animals, but rocks and terrain too. He can't do it without your help!

Grumpy Neighbors

Grumpy Neighbors is an endless arcade style iOS game where you take on the burden of being the newest renter. Only your landlord forgot to mention your neighbors are insane. Apart from dodging falling objects, you can explore the apartment complex to find interactive objects, and get many diverse costumes using the money you obtain from playing the game.

Munchie Panda

Welcome to Munchie Panda!  It’s your job to help Ying the Panda find as much bamboo as possible.  Tap on as many bamboo as you can feed Ying in this endless arcade game.  But, it’s not that simple!  Ying can be picky, so watch out for the orange fruit.

Brave Quest: The Endless Action RPG Game​

A new exciting endless action rpg! Choose your class and fight in a world of never ending monsters!  Collect coins and use them to buy other classes, revival potions, and more.

Cat-A-Pult features great puzzles, physics based launching system, and CATS! Launch cats to collect fish for points, unlock doors, and get those kitties to their scratching posts!